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About Me

I made my first computer steps back in 1984 on Commodore's C-64 programming simple games in Basic. A couple of years later the first PC came on my desk and I was started to learn about computer graphics and videos. I was use this gained knowledge later when I was work on local TV station as a video editor and cameraman. With the appearance of the internet I started to be interested in making and developing websites, but the life took me away in some other direction.

A few years ago, I worked for a while with a group of freelancers to make and developing a websites. In this way I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about HTML, CSS, WordPress platform and Bootstrap framework.

My approach for every client is professional and responsible and strive to meet all client requirements while respecting the agreed deadlines by using the latest web technologies and trends.


From ideas to your Web Site

Whether you have your website design or you want my design. Depending on your needs and desires I will make your website in HTML or a WordPress CMS platform. WordPress is very popular in the world because of its adaptability to the end user.


EuroSitex Adria

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4.1.3, WordPress

Stop & Shop

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress Child Theme

Limač - Dvorci na napuhavanje

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, WordPress

Salon Alina Bjelovar

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress

Kingdom Of Beauty

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress

PZC Bjelovar

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


PSD, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress

Royal Business

PSD, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Mind Matters San Francisco

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress


Miroslav Trconić Freelance Web Developer

Adresa Zvijerci 15, Bjelovar

Mobitel +385 91 539 9337